Southampton Airport Parking

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Southampton Airport Parking

Parking at Southampton Airport has never been more easier, convenient, and budget friendly than it is now. With Meet and Greet, Park and Ride, and luxury on–airport parking, you can surely choose the best option that suits your needs and expectations.

We have a wide range of Southampton Airport parking to offer a seamless and hassle free start to your travel plans. With our never beaten price guarantee and 100% customer’s satisfaction rate, you can be sure that you will get the best rates and will not have to pay more than required.

We are a Park Mark, DMCA, and British Parking association approved company, with industry’s experts. We were granted these approvals because of our top-notch security and risk assessment features.

Parking at Southampton Airport

All of our parking options are used for either long stay or Southampton Airport Short Stay Parking. If you need maximum convenience and luxury, then you should go for our Meet and Greet, or On-Airport Parking. This will eliminate the need for a shuttle bus, or walking long distances to reach the terminal.

If you need something more budget friendly, then you should go for our Park and Ride parking. This will require a free and fast shuttle bus, and will save you a lot for parking. Now, let's dive into the details for what these Southampton Airport Parking options are.

Meet and Greet Parking Southampton Airport

Like we stated before, you will not need any shuttle bus for airport terminal transfer, which is the main priority for Meet and Greet Parking. Most of the long or short stay parking users value this parking option because of its convenience and cost effectiveness.

This is why, we will highly recommend you to pre-book your Southampton Airport Meet and Greet Parking with us. This will save you the hassle for finding a parking spot on the day of your trip. Moreover, you will get a flat 60% discount as well.

So, how does Southampton Airport Meet and Greet Parking work? You just have to call us around 10 or 20 minutes before reaching the terminal. This will give us enough time to send our chauffeur at the car drop off location.

After you arrive there, our driver will be waiting for you. You just have to give your car keys to the driver and he will handle the rest. You can enter the check-in point of the airport, while he parks your car at our secure parking lot for Meet and Greet Parking Southampton Airport.

As far as our drivers are concerned, we assure you that they are insured and well-trained to handle your car. They also go through a strict background check before getting the job.

Parking at Southampton Airport

These are also called On-Airport and Southampton Airport Parking as they are located right inside the airport premises. Just like Meet and Greet, you will not need any shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

Here, you just have to enter the airport terminal using your car, and park it right at the parking lot. These parking lots are located at the nearest point to the airport’s check-in and you just have to walk to reach there.

Southampton Official airport parking can be a bit expensive, especially for long-stay parking. But if you pre-book with us, you will get a flat 60% discount.

Southampton Airport Park and Ride Parking

Like we said before, Southampton Airport Park and Ride is the cheapest parking choice, and still we do not compromise on the overall quality. These are the parking near Southampton Airport, and located outside the terminal.

If you want to get the best deal, and save even more on this cheapest Southampton Airport Parking, you should pre-book and get a flat 60% discount. So, the overall prices will go even down.

You just have to take your car to the parking lot, and use our free and fast shuttle bus to reach the terminal. To offer maximum efficiency, we have strategically designed the timing and frequency of buses, after every 15 minutes. Also, you will only need around 20 - 30 minutes to reach the airport terminal.

Our Southampton airport parking is located at the nearest point to the terminal, and secured with multiple security concerns. Such as 24/7 CCTV cameras, fences, entrance and exit barriers, licence plate recognition system, and regular security patrols. You can relax knowing that your car is in safe hands.

Compare Southampton Airport Parking

The options that we explained can be used for both Short and Southampton Airport Long Stay Parking. For any of these options, you can count on us and be ensured that you will find something that suits all of your requirements and needs for a reliable parking spot.

Southampton Airport Short Stay Parking

As the name defines, you can only park your car at this airport for a couple of hours, making it ideal for picking up or dropping off any passenger. In this case, you will surely have to deal with heavy luggage. This is why you cannot use any shuttle bus. Even though it is convenient, it still requires physical efforts to navigate through the airport.

That is why, On-airport and Meet and Greet Southampton airport parking would be the best option for achieving maximum convenience. You will just have to drive to the airport, and walk to the check-in. The whole scenario minimises the overall efforts and hassle.

Southampton Airport Long Stay Parking

In case you are departing for a long trip, which can be something with your family, or a business travel plan, you can use our Southampton Airport Long Stay Parking. You can use these parking lots for months, and your car will remain covered, and safe. As you will also have to deal with heavy luggage, you should go for Meet and Greet parking, if you are looking for something luxurious and convenient.

Moreover, if you prefer spending your money on other aspects of your travel plans, then you should choose our Cheap Park and Ride Southampton Airport parking. With just 30 minutes extra on our shuttle bus, you can easily save a lot.

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There are lots of duty free shopping facilities at the airport, where you can buy different things that you might need during your travelling. You can place your goods at the shop and collect them when you arrive back.

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The best place to eat and drink at the Southampton airport is WH Smith, where you can  buy different food and drinks at reasonable prices.

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