Edinburgh Airport Parking

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Edinburgh Airport Parking

If you are looking for Edinburgh Airport Parking, that does not cost a lot, is closest to the airport terminal, and offers a luxury touch, then we got you covered. This is exactly what we are offering at Airport Park Booking. With our luxurious parking spots and well-trained staff, your car will remain in safe hands while you are away.

With approval from DMCA, British Parking Association, and Park Mark, we have grown to be a company with Industry’s experts and understand the requirements of every passenger. With our 60% pre-booking discount, easy cancellation and amendments, and 97% customer’s satisfaction rate, you can be sure that your car is parked at a premium location.

Cheap Edinburgh Airport Parking Options

From convenient Meet and Greet, Cheap Park and Ride, to Official Edinburgh Airport parking, we have everything you need for a seamless start to your travel plans.

As Edinburgh Airport is one of the busiest airports of London, we will highly recommend that you always pre-book a parking spot. This will give you a surety that you will not be looking for a parking location when you arrive at the airport.

Other than saving this stress, pre–booking will also give you flat 70% discount on all the parking options that we have explained below:

Edinburgh Meet and Greet Airport Parking

This is the most frequently used and Cheap Edinburgh Airport Parking that offers both affordability and luxury. You will not have to look for a parking spot on the day of your departure, and you will just have to take your car right at the airport terminal.

So, after pre-booking Edinburgh airport Meet and Greet parking, you just need to call us around 20 minutes before reaching the terminal’s drop off point. Within this short time, we will clean your parking space and send an insured and well-trained driver who knows how to handle your car. When you meet the driver, just hand him your car keys and breeze through the airport terminal.

No need to find a parking spot, or use a shuttle bus. Our chauffeur will handle the rest of your parking duties while you continue your travel plans. Our Meet and Greet Edinburgh Airport parking is conveniently closed to the terminal and offers a no wait guarantee for all the passengers.

Moreover, our drivers for Meet and Greet Parking Edinburgh Airport are well insured, trained, and have to undergo a strict background check. This is to make sure that your car is never misused while you entrusted us.

Edinburgh Airport Park and Ride Parking

If you are looking for a Cheap Edinburgh Airport parking, then you should immediately pre-book our Park and Ride. This just requires a little extra time, and in the end saves a lot of cash to spend on other aspects of your travelling plans.

So how does this work? You just have to park your car at our off-airport parking lot, and use a shuttle bus that will take you to the airport terminal within 20 - 30 minutes. We strategically designed the routes and timing of these buses to make sure they are back at the parking lot after every 15 minutes and does not take more than 30 minutes to drop you off. You can trust punctuality without any doubts.

According to Park Mark, British Parking Association, and DMCA, all the parking lots should have strict security protocols. Such as 24/7 CCTV cameras, fences, entrance and exit barriers, regular security patrols, and licence plate recognition system. We have all these top-notch features at all of our parking lots.

Edinburgh Airport Official On Airport Parking

This is an official Edinburgh Airport parking, because the parking lots are located right inside the airport terminal, and closest to the check-in. This makes sure that you will not need to give your car keys so that they can park your car, and no need for a shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

Just enter the airport in your car, park it, and walk towards the check-in. Just like every off-airport parking, there are lots of security features to give you a peace of mind. You can relax knowing that you made the right choice for choosing our official Edinburgh Airport Parking.

Compare Edinburgh Airport Parking

Whether you are going to the airport for picking up or dropping off any passenger, or looking for a reliable parking spot to start your long trip plans. We have the best Edinburgh Airport parking in the most affordable rates.

Even with those prices, we have never compromised on quality, convenience, and efficiency of our services. Just sit back and relax, because we’ve covered your parking needs.

Edinburgh Airport Short Stay Parking

We have Meet and Greet, and On-airport parking which are ideal for short stays. Why? Because in a short stay, the passengers are mostly going to drop off or pick up someone at the airport. There are high chances that you will have heavy luggage to carry.

Park and Ride, which is a convenient option, but will require a shuttle transfer. This will be difficult in case you have to deal with family, and carry luggage to the airport. That is why Meet and Greet Parking will be the best possible option for maximum convenience.

Edinburgh Airport Long Stay Parking

On-airport parking will be a good option for this, but it will be expensive in case of a long stay. So, we will recommend that you go for Meet and Greet or Park and Ride.

M&G will be the best for convenience, and luxury while Park and Ride will be a cheaper option in the price of a 30 minute transfer. In the end, both of them will prove to be hassle free parking at Edinburgh Airport.

Guide to Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh can best be approached by the M8,18 or A89.

From Southern regions
Drive on M6 north. Follow the signboards to reach the airport.

From Edinburgh city
Drive towards the city bypass. Merge on A8. Follow the signboards to reach the airport.

North or West
Drive towards the Newbridge roundabout. Merge on A8. Follow the signboards to reach the airport.

Satellite Navigation
Use the postcode “EH12 9DN” for Satellite Navigation.


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Things to Do

Edinburgh Airport Viewing Area

Enjoy the unique opportunity to watch planes take off and land from the airport's dedicated viewing area. It's a great spot for aviation enthusiasts and families alike.

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